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  • High Quality Wooden Pallet Stretch Film Wrapping Machine With Exported Standard

High Quality Wooden Pallet Stretch Film Wrapping Machine With Exported Standard


Improve logistic efficiency, reduce goods loss during transporting, has waterproof, dustproof, reduce product cost, improve packaging grade.


Main Features:


l  Motors, wires, chains and other dangerous devices are all built in to ensure the operators safety;


l  The new design of 360o column, with a simple and elegant appearance. PLC programmable control, optional wrapping procedures;


l  PLC programmable control, optional wrapping procedures;


l  Multifunctional human-computer interfaces display system with text control, display the equipment’s real-time running status;


l  The Germany laser photoelectric switch could sense the good's heigh automatically;


l  Wrapping layers, running speed and film tension could be easily adjusted at your option.


l  Independent frequency controls the pre-stretch film automatic feeding system, and the tension could be adjusted freely;


l  The wrapping layers of the top and the bottom could be controlled separately from 1 to 9;


l  Automatic mode and manual mode could be switched almost don’t need dally maintenance;


 Turntable Drive:


l  The deign of large gear bearing minimizes vulnerable wheel’s abrasion and reduces the noise;


l  0-12 rpm variable frequency speed;


l  Adjustable soft-start and soft stop;


l  The turntable is made of pure plastic steel, with high abrasion resistance and longer life;


 Stretch Film


l  Frequency pre-stretch carriage, pre-stretching up to 250%, reducing the film consumption;


l  The carriage 's up-down speed could be separately adjusted;


l  The lifting column is chain structure. which is stable and reliable;



Load Dimensions(L*W)500-1200mm*500-1200mm
Load HeightMax. 2000mm
Turntable Diameter1650mm
Turntable Height80mm
Turntable Speed0-12 rpm
Load WeightMax. 1500kg
Pre-Stretch RatioUp to 250%
Production SpeedUp to 20 pallets per hour
Power Supply1.32KW, 230V, 50Hz, Single Phase

Stretch Film

Packing MaterialLLDPE
Film Width500mm
Film Thickness17-25μm
Film Core Dia76mm
Roller DiaMax.220mm
Weight Film RollMax.15Kg