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  • CWC-FS01 Floor Scale

CWC-FS01 Floor Scale


It is widely used in food, medicine, workshops, freight yards, bazaars, logistics centers and other ordinary occasions without special requirements.


1.Platform: Low Profile Textured Non Skid Steel
2.Color: Standard Blue, Gray, other color can be customized.
3.Platform Length:0.8*0.8m,1*1m,1.2*1.2m,1.2*1.5m,1.5*1.5m,other can be customized
4.Feet: Adjustable Height Nonskid Feet
5.Connectivity: RS-232 Serial Port optional
6.Power source: AC Power(DC 9V Adaptor Included) Or 3 AAA batteries
7.Indicator: Stainless Steel – Wall Mount FCC certification.
8.Display:6 Digits (20mm High) LCD Display With Backlight


Max. capDivisionPlatform Size
1T, 2T0.5KG, 1.0KG 0.8*0.8M
1T, 2T0.5KG, 1.0KG 0.8*1.0M
1T, 2T, 3T0.5KG, 1.0KG, 1.0KG 1.0*1.0M
1T, 2T, 3T0.5KG, 1.0KG, 1.0KG 1.0*1.2M
1T, 2T, 3T, 5T0.5KG, 1.0KG, 1.0KG,   2.0KG 1.2*1.2M
1T, 2T, 3T, 5T0.5KG, 1.0KG, 1.0KG,   2.0KG 1.2*1.5M
1T, 2T, 3T, 5T0.5KG, 1.0KG, 1.0KG,   2.0KG 1.5*1.5M

Product Highlights:

1.Mainly aimed at measuring items in environments such as forklifts, carts, hoisting devices or manual handling. It can be placed on a flat ground. Or dig a groove with a certain depth in the ground, and place the scale in the groove to keep the ground and the scale surface level.
2.The whole scale is made of carbon steel, and the carbon steel pattern design on the scale surface can effectively prevent sliding. The surface of the weighing platform is sprayed and treated with acrylic paint to prevent moisture, erosion, and sun. The horizontal surface of the weighing platform is designed to make the product barrier-free during transportation and measurement. It is composed of four high-precision alloy steel sensors.
3. The scale body can be connected to the optional weighing display for measurement.