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  • High Sensitivity Hand-held Metal Detector

High Sensitivity Hand-held Metal Detector


MDW-808 is the latest research and development hand held metal detector with low voltage Super Sensitivity multi-functional lithium battery.


1.High sensitivity;

2.Portable and easy operation, reset with one key;

3.Round handle design, elegant appearance, highly sensitivity.

4.Sturdy and durable, normal drop without damage.

5.Light weight is 200g, the area of detection probe is large, detection speed is fast.

6.Two modes of alarm are switchable: LED audible and visual alarm or vibration alarm.

7.Sensitivity can be adjusted externally, easy to use, and suit for more different occasions.

8.It has the function of under-voltage indication. (Use flash frequency to display low power)

9.Extreme voltage current has automatic shutoff function. (When the host power is severely reduced, it will automatically shut down, and the machine will turn off automatically.)

10.Charge indicate (when charging, it is red, after full, it is green)

11.Can use power bank to charge and come true to use while charging.

12.Have signal strength indication function (the stronger the signal the greater the light, the nearer the metal, the more light)

13.According to the distance and size of detecting metal objects, the tone and volume of the machine will change.


 SizeL-320mm W-70mm H-40mm
Power supply5V USB charger ;Note: 9V battery can not charge while using
Frequencyabout 50KHz
Standby power10mw, standby time is up to 150 hrs, working time 80 hrs
Electric current of sound alarm about 40 milliampere and vibration alarm is about 80 milliampere.
Voltage3.7V polymer lithium battery (can be customized to 9V (6F22)
Net weight200g (including a built-in lithium battery)
Temperature-15℃ to +55℃
Detection rangePin/ Paper Clip           40-50mm
64 model handgun        180mm
6 inch long knife          150mm
Diameter 20mm steel ball   100mm