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  • Labling Machine RLM-8060

  • Labling Machine RLM-8060

  • Labling Machine RLM-8060

  • Labling Machine RLM-8060

  • Labling Machine RLM-8060

Labling Machine RLM-8060


High Speed Horizontal Labeling Machine


1. Customized vertical-to horizontal bottle converter, make sure bottles are feed stable and high speed. Large buffering area, easy adjust speed. convenient to integrate in an automatic packing line.

2. To make sure high speed and accuracy labeling, we use three steps labeling feeding strucutre: individual motor for label roll pulling, label releasing and back paper collection. Consistant tension on label releasing part No label break.

3. Touch screen HMI, easy for operation. With multi recipe memory and call-out function for different bottle sizes.

4. Bottle converter auger and horizontal conveyor are driven by one motor, all movement matches perfect. Rapid reaction to start and stop. High speed and stablility, no empty feeding or getting struck.

5.Wheel type label rolling parts will press label evenly on bottle body.to stick labels more firmly. Synchronous positioning system make sure label error is less than 0.5mm.

6.Multi emergency stop button to ensure safety production.
7.Option: horizontal-to-vertical convertor to make bottles come out vertical.
8.Option: automatic tray loading for automatic packaging.


Machine Size2650mm(L)*1350(W)*1650(H)
VoltageAC220V 50/60HZ
System Power2.0KW
Labeling Speed0-650 bottles/min
Labeling Accuracy±0. 5mm
Air pressure0.5Mpa
Suitable sizesbody diameter 10-33mm
Label rangeLength 20-120mm
Total weight550kg