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  • Fusing Press FPC-900N

Fusing Press FPC-900N


Advanced continuous Fusing Machine

Designed for textile and garments industry



Designed for fabric of limpness and thermotolerance, eg. Seamless underwear.

Fusing for whole piece of fabric(can be equipped with delibery and collecting device).


1. Designed with large wrinkle-free silicone roller and large cylinder to make pressure stable and distribute evenly, make fusing better.

2. Three-Phase heating system is controlled by precision temperature controller to make better temperature, heating plate is uniformly fitted in front, middle and back in the heating charmber. Adopt proportional calculus control mode to assure long working time and precise temperature, make the fabric heat evenly.

3. Special monitorable heating system and belt modifying system which can distinguish fault automatically and make maintenance easier.

4. Auto belt modifying system to prevent deviation and buckling of belt.

5. Designed with upper plectrum and lower scraper to make fabric easy to be stripped from belt but with no buckling.

6. Strong air draft cooling system and 9 big power cooling fan to make better fabric forming.


Power Supply3P 380V
Max TemperatureNormal~200℃
Use Air Pressure0.2~05Mpa
Fusing Time7~34 Sec
Fusing Width900mm
Machine Dimension 3900mm×1480mm×1280mm
Packing Dimension3000mm×1780mm×1600mm