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  • MDW-5T



This walk through infrared body temperature detector integrated body temperature measurement with metal detection, which is effectively prevent large scale disease spread, it is also can application for the security inspection of dangerous metal weapons, and widely used in high traffic public sites - airports, train station, prisons, schools, hospitals.


1.Non-contact measurement: measure the passing through people's temperature without touch with the detector.
2.Voice prompt: real-time voice broadcast "normal body temperature" or "please check the body temperature" to quickly and accurately screen for abnormal body temperature.
3.High temperature accuracy: ≤0.5 °C
4.Fast detection speed: ≤ 0.5 to 1 seconds.
5.Multiple detection zones: 6 independent detection zones, each zones has 100 levels of sensitivity adjustment.
6.Detection zones and sensitivity: 6 zones with 100 levels of sensitivity, it is possible to pre-set the possible size of metal items for proper sensitivity adjustment according to the actual use situation, and to distinguish the location of the metal. Users can also set according to the size, volume, and weight of the detected metal. To eliminate false alarms such as coins, keys, jewelry, belt buckles, etc.
7.Alarm zones indication: Built-in LED displays on the left and right sides of the door panel accurately display the prohibited items hidden at the corresponding height parts of the human body. The alarm position can be displayed intuitively by the column lights on the left and right of the door post.
8.Counting and statistics function: high-brightness digital indicator board and alarm board, respectively showing the number of people passing, the number of alarms and the strength of the alarm.
9.Password protection: Users can modify parameters and add password protection. You can also use the remote control to control the door.
10.Harmless to human body: Harmless to cardiac pacemaker wearers, pregnant women, floppy disks, video tapes, etc.


Measuring time0.5 ~ 1 second
Measurement range32 ° C - 42.5 ° C

Body surface measurement range
0 ° C - 100 ° C
Measurement accuracy± 0.2 ° C
High temperature trigger alarmalert audible and light alarm
Detector Dimensions200*155*60mm
Overall dimensions(mm)2220 (height) x 820 (width) x 502 (depth)
Passable dimensions(mm)2000 (height) x 700 (width) x 502 (depth)
Net weightabout 90kg
Shipping weightabout 95kg
Working environment10 ° C - 40 ° C, relative humidity less than 80%
Storage environment0 ° C - 50 ° C, relative humidity less than 80%
Dada out support (Optional)
Working time24 hours, nobody passing through standby
Power consumption35W
External power supply90V-250V 50 / 60Hz