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  • CWM-300 CheckBin Grader

CWM-300 CheckBin Grader


• Intelligent hopper in every batching bin

• No need for production check weighing

• More accurate batch weight – higher profit


• Intelligent hopper in every batch bin

• Intelligent batching software

• Constant monitoring of the batch weigths

• Easy access for cleaning

• Stainless steel load cells

• Each bin contains a buffer to minimize gate blockage

• Less reject-and-rework off completed batches

• 16 products memory, quick product changeover

• Easy-to-use operating system and HMI interface

• Standard model machine can be sorted objects into 12 weighing Zone


Weighing Capacity10-3000g
Weighing Accuracy±1g
Minimum Scale0.5g
Weigh SensorDouble-beam load cell
ConveyingFood belt
ProductsPoultry, fish and meat
Product Size Limit350(L)*300(W)*200(H)mm
IP ratingIP65 standard
ConstructionPolishing 304SUS