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Weight Sorting Machine


Applied to seafood, poultry meat processing, automotive hydraulic attachments classification,the daily necessities weight sorting packing etc.


●Strong stainless steel structure; waterproof design

●Mechanical designed to comply with food and pharmaceutical hygiene standards.

●Quick release drive unit for easy cleaning and maintenance

●German Precision load cell and high-speed weighing signal processing module, to ensure that the system is stable and accurate

●50 products memory, quick product change over

●Intelligent parameter configuration, adjusted sorting settings according to the product size

●East-to-use operating system and HMI interface

●Standard model machine can be sorted objects into 9 weighing zones.


Weighing capacity10~1200g
Grade4grades/6 grades/ 9grades
Accuracy ± 0.5g
Sorting speedMax. 150pcs/min
Belt width220mm
Machine size(Length*Width*Height)3900*600*1450mm
WeightAppr. 380kg
Product Limit(Length*Width)250*220mm