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  • Bottle Loading Turntables RGP-950

Bottle Loading Turntables RGP-950


Automatic Bottle Loading Turntables


1.Rotary Turntables are manufactured to increase the efficiency of any production line.Our Loading or unscrambling Turntables transfer single filed bottles onto a conveyor,enabling opeeators to maximize production capacity.Accumulating Turntables remove finished products from the active conveyors and assist in efficient packaging into shipping containers.
2.Our standard construction is comprised of a heavy duty 304 stainless steel frame.
3.Optional models are available for sanitary,hazardous,flammable and corrosive production line.
4.Rotary Turntables are used in the production of cosmetics,food and beverages,clean and specialty chemicals,pharmaceuticals,personal care and more.


Standard ConstructionHeavy duty 304SS frame,enclosure,top and rails
Standard Top Diameter28''/40''/48''/60''
Standard Height36'' +/-2"
Power Requirement220V,Single phase,4A,50-60Hz
Standard FeaturesStainless steel