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  • Semi-Auto Linear Capping Machine

  • Semi-Auto Linear Capping Machine

Semi-Auto Linear Capping Machine


The linear capping machine has high capping speed, high pass rate and easy operation. Applicable to different bottle-shaped screw caps in food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, pesticide, cosmetics and other industries. Four speed-regulating motors are used for cap feeding, bottle clamping, conveying and capping. The machine has a high degree of automation, good stability, and easy adjustment. No spare parts are required when changing the bottle shape or cap, and it can be done by adjusting.


Electrically controlled movement, strong stability; equipped with positioning device, standard screw cap, easy to operate; Wide range of lock caps, can lock bottle caps of different shapes and specifications; Solve the nozzle, pump head, spray pump, hand button spray head screw cap Difficult problems; The speed of the lock cap is adjustable, and the tightness can be adjusted according to different bottle caps.


  • Equipment size: 2000mm * 800mm * 1400mm

  • Equipment weight: 250KG

  • Applicable bottle diameter: 30-120mm

  • Applicable bottle height: 80-350mm

  • Cover diameter: 20-60mm (special cover can be customized)

  • Conveying line height: 850mm ± 50mm

  • Equipment material: 304 stainless steel and aviation aluminum alloy

  • Working voltage: 220V 50 / 60HZ

  • Working pressure: 4-6 MPa

  • Capping speed: 30-50 BPH