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  • Metal Detector MDC-Combo

Metal Detector MDC-Combo


Applied to automatic online package weighing and metal detection


● Stainless Steel conveyor with high waterproof level design

● High accuracy sensor, Based on advanced, high speed digital processing technology

● Dynamic weight compensate technology, Automatic zero point analyse and tracking technology

● 100 product preset; Simple product edit and product store

● Quick product change and automatic adjust product sorting speed

● 2000 logs and easy to look up and print out

● Based on friendly touch screen operation

● Based on 32bit high speed CPU

● Multi-functions operation system and multi-languages for option

● Automatic reject system,different reject device for option

● Updated product learn function

● Variety of peripheral system connection and setup

● Multi-fenquencies for option

● Digital signal processing technology and multiple digital filter


TheoryElectric Induction/Digital Load Cell
SensitivityFE 1.0mm SUS1.8mm
Weighing Capacity10~3000g
Minimun Scales0.1g
Belt Speed20~35m/s
Sorting Speed50pcs/min
Product Size250(L)x300(W)x(10-200)(H)
Reject DeviceAir blast/swing arms/air pusher
Operation MethodTouch Screen
Alarm MethodBuzzer and lamp
Power SourceAC110V/220V 50~60HZ
WeightAppr. 260kg