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Metal Detector 13 inch Android screen with alarm lamp

MDC-Symmetric D2 350-150

Applied to general purpose metal detection.



.Multi-Frequency pre set. Enhanced detection sensitivity.

·Automatic Phase-Angle Compensation. Improved compatible for product effective.

.Simplified product study. Automatic sensitivity and Phase-Angle setup.

.Industrial computer with Android system and multi-language operation system. 

.100 product parameters memory 

.Real-time Flash Disk data storage 

.Ethernet connection optional

. Tool-Free fast convey belt de-assemble and wash. 

.Small dimension design. Easy to deploy.

·IP66 optional.


Machine Specifications:

Metal Detector   Model : MDC-Symmetric D 350-150

Detection Head Size (Tunnel Size)   350 mm(W)*    150mm(H)


1.    ModelMDC-Symmetric   D2 350-150

2.    Rejection   device: without rejection, with alarm lamp

3. Max width of belt280mm

4. Inspect abilityFerrous, non-ferrous,   Stainless Steel

5. Speed of transportation18-70m/min  

6. Max product width :    280mm

7. Max product height :    120mm

8. Configuration materialSUS304 stainless steel

9. SensitivityFeФ1.2-1.5mm   SUSФ2.0-2.5mm

10. Working direction :   left to right

11.Belt color white 

12.Belt sort  food industry used

13.Power supply, voltageAC 110V/220V, 50-60HZ

14.Alarming formalarm to stop with light

15. 13 inch Android screen

16. From floor to conveyor      75050 mm

17. Operating language: Chinese or English

Note: the sensitivity by inspecting only the test   sample on the belt