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  • RH-800S X-Ray Detection Equipment

RH-800S X-Ray Detection Equipment


X-Ray Foreign Body Detection Equipment


1. Black and white color image color, image switch, pull back, overall amplification, zoom and other functions.
2. Automatically create an image store folder every day, you can store 2000 pictures.
3. Can be transferred to different formats, you can set the image storage path to the specified folder automatically transferred to the specified folder.
4. 24 bit true color display.
5. Object contour edge is more clear.
6. Image details more clearly.
7. Improve the brightness of the dark area of the image, so that the hidden behind the high absorption of items clearly show.
8. Improve the low absorption rate (easy to penetrate) the contrast of the object, so easy to penetrate the object more clearly.
9. Local amplification function.
10. Increase the brightness of the image / reduce the brightness of the image.
11. Display the first 20 images, and the back pull images can be any image processing.
12. The image shows the initial state of the recovery from the belt to the stop.
13. Immediately save any image, and can be arbitrary image processing, continuous work to save.
14. Device with a multi-function USB port, you can copy the data and pictures at any time
15. Can set up different customer code, classification management.
16. The user can set the administrator, operator name and login password, then the controllability and traceability, to ensure the safety of the data.


Channel   size500mm   (W) * 230mm (high)
Appearance   size1650*780*1200mm
Conveying   table and ground height700-800mm 
Conveyor   belt speed0.22 m/s
Rated   load of conveyor belt110 kg
Single   dose< 1.5μGNy
Detection   accuracy0.8mm   diameter metal wire, broken tip, foreign body impurities, clearly visible
Penetrating   power43mm   steel plate
Leakage   dose0.752   mu Gy/h (5 cm from the shell), in line with the requirements of the radiation   device for health and safety regulations and national standards
Operating   voltageAC220V,50±3Hz
X   light tube voltageKV   100~160 (adjustable)
Power   equipment0.3KW   (0.3 kwh per hour)
Working   environmentTemperature   0 degrees C ~60 C, humidity 20%~90% (non condensing)
Equipment   noise≤57dB
High   speed detectionStandard   setting 12 meters /min (600 pieces per hour), the speed can be adjusted
X ray   sourceUsing   the United States original core ray glass tube, voltage and current can be   adjusted
SensorThe   Japanese original multi mode 0.4 x 2 (mm) surface array CMOS sensor
ProcessorFully   embedded DSP system, high speed processing system
Software   processUsing   high performance X - ray image processing system, high speed algorithm of   FPGA chip, high - resolution display with big screen, and has the function of   extending the perspective function and friendly man-machine interface, which   can improve the accuracy of the detection.