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  • Foil Package Metal Detector MDC-250

  • Foil Package Metal Detector MDC-250

Foil Package Metal Detector MDC-250


Applied to general purpose Metal Detection, Aluminum foil sealing cup, Packed in aluminum foil, containing salt products. Aluminum foil vacuum packaging, Aluminum products.


1.No harmful rays occur.
2.Detection accuracy is not affected by product characteristics and temperature.
3.The detection signal strength is not affected by the product.
4.Suitable for various forms of aluminum packaging products.
5.Can be linked with various external devices.
6.Designed for user’s convenience.
7.Durable inner structure.
8.Simple operation.
9.Manage test records.
10.Can set permissions password.
11.Easy software system upgrade.
12.Low investment and low maintenance costs.
13.There are no legal restrictions on installation and use, no license is required.


Channel Width200 mm
SensorMagnetic sensor
Conveyor MaterialPlastic or Polyurethane
Allowable Load1 KG/PC
Warning LightGreen, Red, Alarm Tone
Channel Height50-150mm /every 10mm can be adjusted
Conveyor Width250mm
Machine Speed15-30 m/min
Total Weight80 KG