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  • NDCX-5380 X-Ray

NDCX-5380 X-Ray


Footwear industry & Bags X-ray detection equipment


1.Black & white, Anti - image, Pull back, Amplification, Gray continuous scanning, Brightness adjustment, Sharpness adjustment
2.Multiple USB ports;
3.Inspected Qty management function: Inspected Qty, Defective goods quantity, Schedule management;
4.Report function: Record customer name, Product name, Size, Qualified or not;
5.Continuous inspection mode: Check 7600 boxes of ankle boots within 8 hours;
6.Automatic one-key shutdown function: It only takes a key to turn the machine on and off;
7.Image saving quantity: 2 million photos can be saved (JPG, BMP in different formats)
8.Image/barcode printing function: Real-time printing
9.Detection system: Capacitive integration technology, Low noise, Not afraid of hot flashes, Ensure smooth image & clear edge
10.Image processing: Tomography technology, Make the whole picture (improve efficiency & see it at once)
11.Image management: NG calibration, Storage in special folders (Customer named) after description of nonconforming products; Different customers and different operators save their own folders.


Tunnel size510mm (W) × 305mm (H)
Conveyor inspection speed0.2-0.6m/s Adjustable
Detection accuracyline resolution 0.3mm (standard) / 0.2mm (typical)
Height of conveyor belt from bottom surface 640.3mm
Radiation safetyclose to air background